Why Blog?

I know I have already posted some blogs on why it is useful for students to blog and the research supporting the use of blogs.  Now I have some real peoples experience I want to add.  I have just read Twittering with Sue Walters and wanted to read why other teachers blog. I have shamelessly admitted that I only started this blog as an assignment, but lo and behold I may have really gotten something out of it! In Share your blog experince bloggers were asked the following questions

  • Where you blog and how long you have been blogging for?
  • Why you blog? How does it benefit you or your work?
  • How blogging has helped your students and how long have you been blogging with students (if applicable)
  • Why you feel blogging is important
  • What are the 3 most important tips you would share with a new blogger?

I was amazed at the diversity of answers especially to question two and three. The final question was of course the most informative. Many bloggers expressed the need to be yourself and let blogs flow naturally. They stressed that your blog voice will evolve, I can’t believe how much easier blogging has become with time and I wish I read these tips when I first started blogging. Another common tip was consistency and keeping the blogs flowing. Many thought it was more important to have short, frequent blogs .

24 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. Thanks for linking to this post and reminding me about it. I agree it is full of excellent tips for new bloggers. Good luck with your blogging.

  2. As a newbie to blogging you are going great guns. Lots of entries, a diverse range of topics but that are of interest to YOU and some people coming in to make comments. Glad i could help you out with a couple of my posts. I was also a Brownie Guide, Guide and Ranger leader in my younger days especially using ham radio for JOTA. One of my students on my class blogroll (Alex aka peanutman) also enjoys karate. Hope you visit him and see what some student blogs look like.

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